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  • Tips for Making Your Own Illustration Portfolio: By Lauren Mendez

    Tips for Making Your Own Illustration Portfolio: By Lauren Mendez

    Brand new, DIY screw post portfolio picture above. Ready for the summer conference!

    Since the SCBWI Summer Conference is at the end of the month, I knew having a more durable portfolio was essential!

    This is actually my second time making my portfolio book. Last September I attended an LA Illustrator’s day and was up till 1am the night before color adjusting my prints and trying to make the screw posts work without a cover. Right then I decided that I needed to:

    1. Give myself more time and

    2. Find less stressful printer paper.  So 10 months later and 3 weeks before the event… it was time!

     And the best part is that I found 2 awesome tutorials already online! First one is the The Ultimate Guide to DIY Screw Post Book Binding by Suharu Ogawa. And the second is DIY Screw Post Portfolio by Carolina Pineda. (Thanks guys!) 

    Side note: I wish I took more process photos but I basically merged the 2 tutorials above. Check there for detailed pictures and notes about the cover making process.

    So with cover complete it was time to print!

    I own a Canon Pro-100 and I can’t recommend it enough! No jams or issues! It is giant though, so make sure you have enough room for it.

    And the best tip for paper: Red River Matte Photo Inkjet Paper

    I’ve used the 60 lbs. Polar Matte paper (both single and double side printing) and really like it! Colors match my screen perfectly and it is heavy enough without being super thick or too thin. It’s also bright white and not cream colored paper. 

    Love the colors on the Red River paper! Paper has a nice smooth feel, no texture.

    And what makes Red River Paper THE best is that they have color profiles specifically for the Canon Pro-100!! Just download, install, and then pick that profile before printing and say “bye bye” to horribly colored test prints. Which not only saves time but ink! And who wouldn’t want to keep their ink tanks more full.

    So of course there are some small adjustments I’d make to the next portfolio, but I’m very happy with how this one turned out. And I hope these tips help you create an amazing portfolio for your amazing work!

    By Lauren Mendez